Hunting in the vicinity of the lodge / camp will not be allowed.

Hunters must be accompanied by guides at all times in the veld

Guides may be consulted but the responsibility lies with the person pulling the trigger.

Hunter younger than 16 years to be accompanied by a responsible adult person.

Extreme caution must be taken to prevent bush fires.

After arrival sufficient time will be spend on the shooting range to ensure that firearms are correctly sighted.

The safe handling of firearms is of utmost importance, NO Loaded weapons will be allowed on the vechiles or in the camp.

Shotguns and .22 rifles may only be used under supervised game bird hunting.

No birds are to be shot except upon prior arrangement.

Should an animal be wounded, do not continue hunting, but start following the wounded animal.

Wounded animals are to be paid for in full, weather recovered or not.

No alcoholic beverages should be given to the guides.

Gratuities to tracker are optional and may only be given to them on departure.

No dogs or animals allowed in the camp.

No snakes are to be killed or shot.

It is the responsibility of the hunter to instruct on the skinning procedure of his animal e.g. capping.

Hunters may not shoot from hides build for bow hunting or photographers.

The above mentioned regulations are not unfamiliar to experienced hunters, but are mentioned here as applicable in the odd case.

After the first miss shot a penalty of R100-00 will be levied on further miss shots

Damage or loss of camp equipment will be added to your account.

All necessary documentation will be done for visitors and hunters upon arrival.


Hunting Tarrifs

The Hunting camp consists of one large camp of 600ha. The game is not restricted and therefore free to roam around the lodge area.

A large cold room with butchery facilities is available for your convenience.

Day fees will be charged at R300 per hunter. Included are the collecting, skinning and cooling facilities.

For Accommodation please see the rules and regulations page.

Maximum of two hunters will be allowed per time in the camp accompanied by an Mvubu guide.

See your hunting regulation for more information.


Game available for hunting this season:

Blue Wildebees female





Game available for viewing but not for hunting this season:

Giraffe, Waterbuck, Hippo

Bosbok, Buffalo, Birds (various species)

Steenbok, Duiker, Reptiles (pythons)

Brown Hyena, Leopard

Rhino, Njala


Contact: Henk Odendaal - Cell: 27824430008


Hunters please consider non-hunters or family and also offer them the opportunity to experience the bush and animals. (Hiking, bicycles, game drives)